Dear Soul,

thank you for listening to my version of Maharaji's Mantra, the divine Shri Hanuman Chalisa. I sang and recorded it from my very heart with all the devotion, i could offer. Baba's grace came into my life with this powerful mantra almost 20 years ago now.

Since then i feel constantly guided by him, I fully accepted him as my boss, my guru, my teacher, he truly is constantly around, as many of you experience as well. I am ever grateful, he found me here on this planet.

Now he pushes me gently, to build the first Hanuman Mandir in Uruguay, south america, partly by donations, partly by my own efforts. I am willing to do that and humbly offer you a full length download of my version of Shri Hanuman Chalisa. Just donate what ever amount you feel is right and i will happily send you the mp3-file via Email.

Furthermore i will add you to the mailing list of the "Hanuman Mandir project Uruguay", so you can enjoy pictures and video reports of the building process and you can follow directly, where your donation goes. In future you also can visit our beautiful place, we will constantly have Kirtan, Homas and Pujas, spreading Babas love all over this beautiful country.

We start building the temple in November 2018 and Baba will decide, how much of "printed cotton" we can collect until then!

With deep gratitude, god is doing everything, RAM RAM

Matthias Herse, Chacra Nuevo Edén, Uruguay